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Charity Tattoo Week For Birmingham Children's Hospital 22nd-26th August


All proceeds go to Birmingham children's hospital charity!

Prices are:

£40 for simple line work designs

£70 for the animals

£100 for the Roahl Dahl characters

As many of you know we welcomed our daughter Elsie into the world back in February this year.

When Elsie was born it was quickly discovered that she as born with some heath issues so we were transferred up the country to Birmingham children's hospital the day she was born. We soon realised that we had the most amazing team of doctors, nurses and surgeons helping Elsie. After a surgery and many trips back and forward to Birmingham Elsie is doing really well but it wouldn't of been without the ongoing amazing work of the hospital. They will be working with Elsie until she is 21as she will also be needing a kidney transplant as she grows up.

Although the hospital is partially funded by the NHS the charity itself means that they can afford so much more to give children the care they need, as well as support for the family's.

Please click the link to find out more about the work they do.

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