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Croc Art Aftercare 

At Precision Ink we only use the best aftercare and skin prep for our tattoos. We are Proudly sponsored by Crocart Tattoo Care. Not only does this provide the best heal for tattoos but they also provide products for before the tattoo to help with problematic skin before a tattoo or even just in general!


There are 2 ranges available. The first is the croc range where the main haling ingredient is crocodile oil and then there is also the vegan alternative, the tat2nut range which uses baobab oil. This means as well as being able to do a vegan tattoo we can also provide the best aftercare to take with you. 

The Croc range is made with crocodile oil. This removes the need for lots of chemicals because the key ingredient of crocodile oil, high in oleic acid which is key for cell regeneration, also contains many other naturally occurring compounds which are so good for skin. These include:

  • Omegas 3, 6 and 9 which have anti-inflammatory properties and reduce redness

  • Antiseptic qualities of turpenes

  • Vitamin A and E for their antioxidant properties and skin repair.

For more information head to crocart website 

Croc Oil

Croc Oil

Apply CrocPure to areas where eczema, psoriasis or reddened skin is a problem. Apply a few weeks before tattooing for best results. CrocPure is 97% pure CrocOil and stops dry, itchy, flaky skin taking over peoples lives. There are no known side effects, and is perfect for delicate skin and all skin types Suitable for all ages and skin types including irritated and sensitive skins Good for dry, dehydrated, lifeless skin Combats redness and uneven skin tones Intensive moisturiser

Croc Wash

Croc Wash

CrocWash hydrates and cleanses freshly tattooed skin, leaving it soft and supple in preparation for your CrocLite aftercare. No scent, No soap, No bubbles suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin

Croc Lite Rapid Repair Cream

Croc Lite Rapid Repair Cream

To be applied after washing your tattoo with the Crocwash. This cream stops itching, reduces scabbing, is non greasy and heals FAST!


The main ingredient in the tat2nut range is baobab. Baobab oil is one of natures more exotic oils, light and non-greasy the oil absorbs quickly into human skin.
Baobab oil is rich in omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids plus vitamins A,D, E and F. The oil and vitamins combine to create a really natural and soothing answer to calming inflamed, reddened skin.
Additionally baobab oil:

  • Nourishes and heals damaged skin.

  • Is a natural cleanser.

  • Is great as a daily moisturiser.

  • Treats inflammatory skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

  • Is known to encourage the regeneration of skin cells and does not clog the pores.

  • Known to stop skin itching and drying out.

So taking all this knowledge they created a vegan specific tattoo skincare range that is easy to use, and gentle and soothing on all types of skin.

For more information go to tat2nut website 

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